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Class B AIS Transponder Unit

Introducing the advanced CB2000 AIS transponder unit which transforms the ICOM IC-M506EURO and IC-M605EURO to VHF/DSC radios complete with Class B AIS transponders. The CB2000 also provides a simple solution for those customers who already own an IC-M506EURO or IC-M605EURO and wish to upgrade their radios with the purchase of this Class B AIS transponder.

Addition of Transponder Unit Provides Peace of Mind
The CB2000 transforms the ICOM IC-M506EURO and IC-M605EURO to VHF/DSC radios complete with Class B AIS transponders. The new solution aids collision avoidance by helping you track and contact anyone in your area with an AIS transponder. Whether you are keeping in touch with other vessels in the area or tracking a similar course, you will be able to share information between vessels, leading to improved safety. The CB2000 gives you peace of mind by knowing that the other vessels around can see you and you can see them!

Three products available
IC-M506EURO with CB2000 Class B AIS transponder*
IC-M605EURO with CB2000 Class B AIS transponder*
• CB2000 Class B AIS transponder*

*Includes N2K starter kit which features NMEA2000 backbone and cable for connection to the IC-M506/M605 or compatible device. Earlier versions of the IC-M506EURO may need a firmware upgrade. The CB2000 comes with a one year warranty.

Simple ‘plug and play’ installation
The CB2000 is conveniently sized measuring only 160mm x 120mm x 37.5mm (W x H x D) and weighing just 850g. It simply connects to the NMEA2000 backbone that comes supplied with this package. The unit can be mounted discretely out of sight. It also has an NMEA2000 interface for simple connection to the majority of new AIS-compatible GPS chart plotters and includes an integral NMEA2000 drop cable with a male mini- connector. It consumes less than 2W power and is self-powered from the NMEA2000 network.

The CB2000 requires a dedicated VHF/AIS antenna or a suitable VHF/AIS active antenna splitter and an NMEA2000GPS may be required for the connected compatible VHF radio. There is a USB interface for programming and for PC/MAC-based navigation

Once installed the CB2000 will just work away in the background.

Ideal for a range of Vessels
This transponder radio solution will be ideal for all boaters, including sailing yachts, motor cruisers, RIBS and tenders, indeed anyone who wants the enhanced safety of an AIS transponder and the comfort and benefits it offers.

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