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Rapid Charger

BC-162 single desktop rapid charger

The BC-162 automatically distinguishes between various Icom batteries without the need for charger adapters. The BC-162 rapidly charges the following battery packs.

3-colour LED indicates charging status.
LED Colour Charge Status
Orange Charging
Green Charging completed
Red (Flashing) Indicates a problem

Protection circuitry with CPU control built-in.

Detects battery discharge when the battery pack is left in the charger for a period of time after full charge. Automatically re-starts rapid charging for Li-ion battery pack and trickle charging for Ni-Cd battery packs.

BC-162 Standard Accessory
BC-145UK: AC Adaptor

BC-162 Specifications
Power Supply: 16V DC
Charging Control Voltage: 8.4V +/-0.1V
Charging Current Rapid : 840mA +/-10%
Trickle: 30mA +/-15mA
Operating Temperature Range : 0 deg C to +45 deg. C
Size:(W) 86 x (H) 75 x (D) 87.5 mm

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