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Mouting Bracket

With the introduction of our next generation range of fixed mount VHF/DSC we appreciate that many Icom owners will want to upgrade from previous models.

Replacing older models such as the IC-M59, IC-M401 or IC-M411/IC-M421 with the IC-M323/ IC-M423 is relatively straightforward as all the previous models are smaller and you will only need to trim the hole. However if you have a model which is larger or has a different shape such as the IC-M501, IC-M503, DS100 or IC-M505 the gap will be much larger.

To solve this problem Icom UK have sourced a black frost acrylic mounting bracket which when used with the optional MB-132 flush mount kit*, will allow you to cleanly install either the IC-M323 or IC-M423 where a larger icom radio once sat. This new mounting bracket is simple to fit and has been tested by many boatbuilders.

*MB-132 is not included. We recommend you use this flush mount kit as part of this installation. The simple MOUNT.002 plastic flush mount kit is not suitable.

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