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IC-F15s Makes the Grade at Fabrication Yard!

IC-F15s Makes the Grade at Fabrication Yard!

Workers fabricating a massive North Sea Utility living deck for global energy company, Nexen Petroleum U.K. Ltd. are using radio communications equipment to improve communications and promote safety.

The utility deck weighing 10,500 tonnes, currently being constructed at the facility at Heerema, Hartlepool, is one of the largest integrated decks to be built in the UK and is intended for the Buzzard oil fields at the end of March 2006. The build is extremely complex with approximately 450 personnel working at peak periods.

North East systems integration company, Eemits has supplied over 100 Icom IC-F15 VHF handportable radios to Nexen Petroleum U.K. Ltd. so that their workforce can communicate efficiently and effectively.

Craig Matthews, Eemits Managing Director said, 'We specified this radio because we knew that it would have to work reliably in a rigorous and demanding environment. Over the last eight months they have worked faultlessly.'

A telecom engineer from Nexen Petroleum U.K. Ltd. at Hartlepool said,’ The IC-F15 are primarily used for site communications. We face many pressures at the yard. It is a busy, noisy and potentially dangerous environment for our workforce. There is a lot of heavy-duty equipment here and our commitment to staff health and safety is vitally important. Add into the equation a large group of staff, and you need communications that work well, that last a long time and can meet the tough working conditions that are faced. The IC-F15 satisfies these requirements.'

Craig Matthews added, ‘During the last eight months we have supplied over 100 units. They have all stood the test without a single return. The IC-F15 offers the industrial customer a robust product which is resistant to shock and vibration. It is a compact and simple to use radio - probably one of the toughest commercial radios around.'

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