RMS-Net Version 5 (Radio Management System)

RMS-Net Version 5 (Radio Management System)

Radio Management System

RMS-Net is a digital radio management system ideal for almost any organisation that care about security and staff safety. RMS-Net integrates voice radio communication, text/status messaging, and a range of security features in a system that logs all radio traffic onto a central computer database. The desktop dispatcher can keep in touch with radio users via their own computer. RMS-Net is designed to be fully interactive ensuring dispatchers/supervisors are able to monitor and respond rapidly to situations as they occur.

Integrated package with a wide range of features
RMS-Net is a radio management system that integrates voice radio communication, text/status messaging, various security features and a full reporting structure of all radio traffic held on a central computer database. This means RMS-Net has the potential to be promoted to a variety of markets where health and safety, communication and management control are of importance. These include schools, universities, hospitals, road haulage, logistic centres, prisons, power plants, hazardous industrial areas or any areas of high security risk.

A Tool for Management Control
A major strength of RMS-Net is its reporting features. All radio traffic is logged and stored on a central database. This is ideal for management control and future resource planning including personnel database management. It may provide motivation for staff to perform their assigned tasks and provide conclusive documentation that they have done so. In addition the centralised nature of the system ensures rapid response to incidents as they occur as well as the managed prevention of potential incidents.

Aids Health & Safety Management Requirements
RMS-Net satisfies the growing health and safety and management demands faced by organisations today. It provides a range of emergency alert functions with the use of Mandown, Loneworker and panic button features. It also provides extensive records/reports on all radio traffic should an organisation need it.

Voice Recording
The ability to have at hand a record of an incident is important and can provide a useful training aid. Providing searchable records for health and safety is a very important issue for many organisations and businesses, should an incident ever go to court or tribunal. With RMS-Net new voice recording function, you can now record audio for a preset amount of days on a PC (normally 30 or 60 days). If voice is recorded in conjunction with an IDAS, 5 Tone or a BIIS system it will log the ID of the person who is talking. This can then be extracted onto a WAV file, providing a full conversation log. This voice recording capability can also be tied in with the standard reporting functions of RMS-Net which gives you the data log of who is talking, status messages, log on/log off, emergencies, internal positioning etc.

Connect with Dispersed Sites with IP Remote Dispatch Capability
Icom's optional VE-PG3 RoIP gateway provides IP remote dispatch capability, allowing you to remotely control your radio system from elsewhere using the internet. This essentially means that the PC does not have to be within the radio coverage of the system. In the past, most RF dispatching systems needed to be localised, but now with this new IP remote dispatch capability, it doesn’t. If you have an IP network or local LAN network, you can put the radio in the optimum position and control it remotely from elsewhere in the building, in a different city or even in a different country. It can also be controlled via multiple PCs used by multiple operators.

Interrogate database
With RMS-Net it is possible to rapidly see the database to see which radios are logged on and being used on that day. This is achieved by decoding the radio’s unique ID at switch on and flagging the user as active on the system. The hand-portables are supplied pre-programmed with text and status messages so users can easily keep the central control room informed of routine operations.

Digital/analogue mixed mode operation
RMS-Net can be used with both analogue and digital mode or a mixture of analogue digital on the same site. You can partially introduce digital radios, while using the existing analogue radios in a system. RMS-Net allows you to scale migration to narrow band digital at your own pace, while running an existing analogue system.

Other Features
• Various loneworker settings
• Stun/kill/ revive radio facility
• Logon acknowledgement function
• Message queuing and reminders
• Message redistribution
• Emergency message functions
• Multiple channel support
• Emergency Features
• Custom reporting available pertinent to their business.
• Windows 64 & 32 bit compatible

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