Desk Microphone

The new SM-27 Desktop Microphone is a new affordable Icom desktop microphone for the Amateur Radio Market.

The SM-27 which features an 8-pin Metal Connector is compatible with Icom’s range of Amateur radio HF transceivers including the IC-718, IC-7200, IC-7600, IC-7700 etc.

Main Features:
• 8 pin “Metal” Connector allows direct connection to Icom Amateur Radio HF radios such as the IC-78, IC-718, IC-7200, IC-7600, IC-7700 etc.
• PTT and PTT-Lock switches
• Uni-Directional Dynamic Microphone
• Built-in amplifier
• Large switches allows easy operation.
• Strong, durable build
• Slim dimensions (67 x 170 x 167mm)

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