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Overview of Icom's 8.33/25kHz Airband Radio Range

Overview of Icom's 8.33/25kHz Airband Radio Range

Over the last few years, Icom’s range of Airband handhelds and panel-mount radios has expanded to include new models. Each transceiver meets the latest regulations and complies with 8.33/25kHz channel spacing, making it highly suited for GA pilots, balloonists, and glider pilots. The range also features ground-to-air models that can be used by commercial operators.

For Inflight Communications
IC-A25CE 8.33/25kHz Portable VHF COM Transceiver
An easy to use hand portable packed with features and a large LCD display, this transceiver is a great addition for inflight comms.

IC-A25NE 8.33/25kHz Portable VHF COM/NAV Transceiver
All the features of the IC-A25CE but with added navigation functions and Bluetooth to connect to headsets or other devices wirelessly.

Both these hand portables are available in SPORT and PRO packs to suit the individual pilot’s needs.

For Ground to Air Communications.
IC-A16E 8.33/25kHz Portable Ground Support Transceiver
A compact, ergonomically designed handheld, this transceiver has been specifically designed for ground crew to provide aviation support. The IC-A16E is supplied with a large capacity battery and Bluetooth as standard.

IC-A120E 8.33/25kHz Ground Support Mobile Transceiver
To be fitted in ground crew support vehicles, the IC-A120E features memory channels and channel names, active noise cancelling as well as the ability to connect to Bluetooth headsets (UT-133A Bluetooth unit required). The A120E is also available in a power supply unit (IC-A120B) to provide a base station for operation in a control tower or office to monitor incoming/outgoing air traffic.

All of these Icom 8.33/25kHz airband radios are now available to buy from your local Icom Airband dealer. If you aren't sure who your local dealer is, call our sales team a call on 01227 741741 or email the address below.

Icom UK Sales -

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