Guard Tour Management System

The I-READ Guard Tour Management System uses a specially adapted Icom radio to scan waypoint badges laid on a predetermined route. This information acts as a time date stamp/ proof of patrolling and is sent back to a central radio base station and stored onto a desktop PC. In addition voice, text and status messages are recorded at the base PC for audit purposes. I-READ is an ideal tool for managing security rounds, asset control and maintenance or even to verify personnel performance.

Powerful Security Management System
i-READ provides an organisation with the ability to locate staff in buildings and areas where GPS tracking is not possible. Using a series of manual location badges, a handheld radio will automatically send its position back to base control. When used in conjunction with other modern security systems, i-READ provides a detailed view of activity and staff deployment. The system is designed to be fully interactive, ensuring dispatchers/supervisors are able to monitor and respond to incidents as they occur. It also assists in the management and prevention of potential incidents.

Digital Operation Available
When the IC-F3162 or IC-F4162 digital commercial handportables are used, i-READ provides; 6.25kHz channel spacing and spectrum efficiency to save you money. Digtial mode doubles the channel capacity of 12.5kHz narrow band technology, meaning that users will have twice the capacity and also save 50% on licensing fees. Digitally-modulated, clear-voice and secure conversation are other beneficial features.

A Tool for Management Control
It is possible to visualise, in real time, all the positions of the beacons and the portables in use. It is also possible to view, file and print out all traffic which is ideal for management control and future resource planning.

Aids Health & Safety Management Requirements
i-READ satisfies the growing health and safety and management demands faced by organisations today. It provides a range of emergency alert functions such as Mandown, Loneworker and panic button features.

Voice, Text & Status Messaging
Integral to the i-READ Guard Tour Management System are ICOM analogue/digital, VHF/UHF advanced commercial handportable radio transceiver. The i-READ scanner is integrated into the radio providing the organisation with a discrete communication tool. The radios give full status and text messaging and loneworker functions (not previously available on previous versions of this product.) Integration of the scanner leaves the accessory socket free on the outside for other functionality.

Easy to Install, Simple to Use
The reader simply plugs into the accessory port of the ICOM radio. This can be run for a long time due to particularly low battery consumption. The reading of the tag is performed in two ways (automatically or after pressing a button on the radio).

Anti Repeat Function
An anti repeat function avoids duplicate memorising of a checkpoint should the user place the reader several times in front of the same tag.

Icom Handportable Memorises Last Positions
The handportable memorises up to 16 checkpoints. This means that tags can be installed in areas that were previously thought to be out of reach of the radio system. This useful function also gives the guard peace of mind from worrying about busy channels; since the portable memorises the tags and sends them automatically when the channel is available.

Mandown Function/Tilt Level Sensor
Programmable tilt angle in one degree steps. The use of two accelerometers allows a very fine adjustment of the angle of inclination (starting at 30°). Although most frequently used angles are 45°, 60° and 90° any intermediate value is equally possible.

Automatic or Manual Alarm
The automatic alarm triggers when the portable is tilted (beyond the programmable threshold). An alarm sounds to notify the user of the imminent start of the emergency cycle (time duration and angle are programmable). Activation of the manual alarm is done by pressing the red button on top of the portable.

Other Features
Displaying Pre-Programmed Status Texts On The Portable’s Screen The LCD screen can display up to 20 status texts consisting of 8 characters each. Thus, the guard can receive specific instructions at a particular checkpoint.

Automatic Registration When You Switch On The Handportable
When turning on the handportable, a call can be sent in the same manner as a checkpoint, registering the radio on the system and logoff when turned off.

Flexible Configuration
All the timings on the i-READ system are adjustable, pre alarms, number of repetitions on calls, time between transmissions, etc. Likewise, the beep on start up can be suppressed.

A Huge Range Of Applications
Facilities management, property management; hazardous industrial areas fire/safety equipment inspections, security patrol verification, special event reporting, emergency lighting verification, energy management and lighting control, intruder alarm detection and management, secondary monitoring of fire, smoke and gas alarm, perimeter intruder alarm management, general plant and equipment alarm monitoring, staff management, personnel database management (data collection for time and attendance) or areas of high security risk.

  • Integrated Guard Tour Management system provides the benefits of mobile radio communication and computer reporting.
  • A powerful management tool, provides a detailed view of staff deployment and resources.
  • Allows digital or analogue operation.
  • In digital mode, i-READ incorporates the latest digital 6.25K technology giving the user double the number of channels normally found on an analogue system. Digitally-modulated, clear-voice and secure conversation are other beneficial features.
  • Incorporates text and status messaging, thereby reducing voice traffic on busy radio channels.
  • Alerts staff of security issues without the risk of being overheard. Uses text messages to circulate security information such as descriptions of known offenders.
  • Easily improves health and safety performance by using the optional Mandown, Loneworker and panic button functions.
  • Simply installed and expandable - an unlimited amount of tags can be added to the system.
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