Operational functionality for the most advanced operators

Digital Voice Recorder

  • The digital voice recorder captures both receive and transmit audio to your SD or USB storage devices. Up to 9 hours of continuous audio recording is possible with 2 GB of storage. Record your QSO with a rare entity or record your operating time in a contest. Operating frequency, mode, S-meter and output power are automatically captured.
  • Recorded list display

    Recorded list display

Memory Keyer

Whether operating phone, CW, RTTY or PSK31/63, the IC-7851 has a convenient
memory keyer to ease operations. Record your CQ, station information or other items in one of 8 keyer memories for the CW and digital modes; 4 memories for phone operation. For CW, the memory keyer has timesaving functions like auto repeat, contest serial number counter and short Morse number functions. For phone operation, you have a voice-saving auto repeat function.

Improved Automatic Antenna Tuner

The automatic antenna tuner utilizes tunesetting memories to record the best tuner configuration for the lowest SWR. This allows a faster response time when jumping bands or moving around in the same band.

Internal Antenna Switch

With six antenna ports – two receive-only and four receive/transmit – the IC-7851 enables the operator to have fingertip control over a vast array of antenna configurations. Switch to 80/160m and you want to use your beverage
antenna for receive, but transmit on your vertical. Not a problem: the antenna switch
memory will automatically switch antennas when you select the band you want to operate.
This is very convenient when using the RS-BA1 for remote base operation.

Enhanced PC Connectivity

The IC-7851 has various computer interfaces, giving you maximum connectivity between your computer and radio. Digital modes become a snap when controlling with the USB port. USB audio and some CI-V commands including USB send (DTR/RTS) and USB keying (CW and RTTY) are selectable. You can also interface your computer with the S/P DIF optical digital interface provides audio I/O.
The Ethernet jack allows you to connect the IC-7851 directly to your router and control your radio over your wireless Internet, or travel the globe and operate your station remotely over the Internet.

Firmware Update Capability

The IC-7851 can grow as feature and function enhancements become available via the USB or your SD Card.

Simplified Remote Control (Optional RS-BA1)

Remote base operation is made easy as the IC-7851 operating system incorporates
the remote base server software. A computer is not required in the shack for audio or rig control. Up to three, unique user log-in/password configurations are part of the internal server. As the rig control has a priority of service, the controls will feel like you are right in front of your rig.


Optional RS-BA1 main features

Most functions of your transceiver, including interference rejection functions and IF filter settings, can be controlled. Also, received signal strength and SWR can be observed on the computer display.
Received voice recording function.
Optional RC-28 USB remote encoder provides a hardware dial/transmit functions for a realistic dial operation.
The IC-7851 can wake-up from the standby mode through the RS-BA1 software.

Other Outstanding Features


BNC type RX input/output connectors for receiver antennas or external attenuators


General coverage receiver covers from 30Hz to 60MHz* (* Some frequency ranges are not guaranteed.)
Two types of preamplifiers:
Preamp 1: improves intermodulation characteristics
Preamp 2: High gain preamp for high bands
A seven step attenuator (3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 21dB and OFF)
A dedicated 50MHz band mixer using a Quad FET
Twin peak filters for better RTTY signal reception


Speech compressor increases average talk power (SSB mode)
TX monitor functions
Fifty sub-audible tones (CTCSS) for repeater access
VOX (Voice operated transmission) capability
All mode power control


DSP controlled CW keying waveform shaping
Multi-function electronic keyer with adjustable keying speed, dot/dash ratio, keyer type, rise time and paddle polarity
Electronic keyer speed popup
CW pitch control from 300 to 900Hz (5Hz pitch)
CW reverse mode operation for receiving USB side signal
Double key jacks for front and rear panels
Full break-in and semi break-in functions
CW/AM auto tuning function helps to zero in on intended signals within ±500Hz range
Soft and sharp audio filter shapes for the Audio Peak Filter (APF)


Set mode functions for flexible and speedy settings
Memo pads stores up to 10 operating frequencies and modes
Quick split function and split lock functions
Quick Dualwatch function
SSB/CW synchronous tuning
RIT and ⊿TX variable up to 9.999kHz
UTC/Local clock and timer function
1Hz pitch tuning and display
101 memory channels with 10-character channel name
Built-in voice synthesizer announces the operating frequency, mode, and S-meter level
Programmed scan, memory scan, select memory scan, VSC scan and ⊿f scan
Auto tuning step function
Dial lock function
Main dial tension control
Programmable band edge beeps
S/P DIF input/output connectors
BNC type transverter connector
External speaker connectors for Main/Sub receivers
FFT scope waveform averaging function for PSK and RTTY decoder
Screen saver function