2CL, Providing Professional, Dependable Communication to the UK Events Industry

2CL, Providing Professional, Dependable Communication to the UK Events Industry

2CL Communications are an industry leader in the provision of two-way radio communication specialising in system design, installation, hire and maintenance. The company operate in a huge variety of sectors from construction and manufacturing to events and entertainment.

The events industry forms a large part of its customer base and the company have built a positive reputation within that sector. The company supply long and short-term hire to everything from village fairs and local firework displays to world-famous sporting events. No event is too big or small!

Mike Baker, Director of 2CL Communications said, ‘Events are essential to the economy and the UK’s event industry is world-renowned and we’re lucky to work with so many talented events professionals.’

The communications 2CL provide varies is tailored to the event. Mike said, ‘We work with each client to determine what they need and what the best solution is. Sometimes it is a simple back-to-back solution and sometimes it’s a more complex bespoke, integrated system. Many larger events also require event manning, so there is someone on site for the duration of the event.’

The 2CL team have to work under a fair bit for pressure at each event. Mike said, ‘We have a finite amount of time to test, install and deploy a system as we’re working to a fixed deadline. We have to think on our feet and often problem solve under pressure. The largest events we deal with are generally televised international events so lots of people are watching. There is a huge responsibility to get it right and no room for error. It can be very tiring and stressful. We work long days and unusual hours, often in cold and rainy weather. You can’t just clock out at 5 pm. If something isn’t working you’re there until it’s fixed. It’s hard but rewarding work.’

2CL started using Icom LTE technology about two years ago. The Coventry to Birmingham Velo in 2018 was the first large scale event that 2CL provided Icom LTE radios for. After its successful operation it was rolled out in other events across the country.

Mike said, ‘We decided to use this technology because it had got to a place where it was reliable and more cost effective than a conventional system in many situations. We evaluated a few different products and manufacturers and we chose Icom because of the quality of the product, the support we received from their team and the quality of service.’

‘Icom’s LTE radio equipment Icom’s LTE radio equipment has performed very well for us and has given us another arrow in our quiver that we can use when finding the right technology for our clients.’

He said, ‘The Icom LTE equipment is quick to deploy and feature-rich, offering GPS, lone worker and emergency calls. The wide-area coverage has also been hugely popular with events like marathons and triathlons as they get coverage over the entire course without the need for additional infrastructure.‘

Asked why he thought 2CL excelled in supplying comms in the events industry, Mike said, ‘We have over 30 years of experience working with events and our people have a wealth of knowledge. We have built a great reputation in the events industry thanks to this knowledge, our adaptability and the support we get from suppliers such as Icom.’

To get two way radio support for your next event or to find out more about the Icom LTE/PoC radio system please call 0800 389 2278, email contact@2cl.co.uk or visit the 2CL Communications Ltd website.


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