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Icom Spares

At Icom UK, we have experienced engineers and technicians able to undertake repairs from the more complicated to the simple fixes. Regardless of size or model, our team can help in the service and repair of your radio or accessories.

If you are willing and confident enough to undertake a repair yourself, whether it is a simple or a more complex fix and require spare parts/components, then please contact our spares department. Our spares department can help you find the right spare part for your model of Icom radio even if you're unsure of exactly what you are looking for.

We send spare parts via Royal Mail 1st Class Post charged from £2.50 + VAT. Larger items, such as replacement cases for amateur base station radios, will be sent via next day signed courier from £7.00 + VAT.

If you are a UK or Irish customer and would like to contact our spares department for spare parts, or would like any further information, then please email or telephone on 01227 741741.

We do not recommend you undertaking any repair of an Icom model that is registered under warranty. Any attempt to do so can affect your warranty terms and conditions with Icom UK.This Icom Spares service is only available to UK mainland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Ireland customers only. If you wish to send your radio in for repair, please visit our Icom repair page.

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