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Icom Marine Warranty

Icom Marine Warranty

Welcome to our Marine Warranty Page. If you would like us to upgrade your marine VHF warranty to 3 years, please submit the following details in the form below

  • Model name
  • Serial number
  • Date of purchase
  • Dealer purchased from
Upon receipt, we will add your warranty to our central database and confirm your warranty by email.

This offer is only available on the following products for leisure customers only:

IC-M25EURO, IC-M37E, IC-M73EURO, IC-M73PLUS, IC-M94DE, IC-M330GE, IC-M423GE, IC-M400BBE, IC-M410BB, IC-M510BB, IC-M510E, IC-M510E with AIS Receiver, IC-M605EURO & MA-510TR.

For full warranty terms & conditions, please visit our Icom Warranty page.

Icom Marine Warranty Form

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