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Marine Product Warranty Registration

Our marine customers can take advantage of our extended warranty facility and upgrade their warranty from 1 year to 3 years, simply by filling out the form below!

This offer is only available on the following products:

IC-M25EURO, IC-M323, IC-M323G, IC-M330GE, IC-M35, IC-M400BB, IC-M423, IC-M423G, IC-M506, IC-M605EURO, IC-M73EURO, IC-M73PLUS, IC-M87E, IC-M93D EURO, MA-500TR,

If you have already registered a product or are signed up to the site, please click on the sign in button at the top of the page to add additional products.

Please note that only products purchased from authorised Icom UK Ltd dealers may be registered and only the original owner may register the product. Our extended marine warranty does not apply to commercial and corporate customers and is for leisure users only.

Please sign in to register your marine product. If you have not registered on Icom, please follow the register link below.

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