AT-130 Antenna Tuner (Discontinued)

Antenna Tuner for 1.6–30 MHz (with 7 m; 23.0 ft or longer antenna element)

• Weight (approximately) AT-130: 2.5 kg; 5.5 lb
• Power supply requirement: 13.6 V DC (supplied from the HF transceiver)
• Current drain: Maximum 2 A
Operating temperature range: –30°C to +60°C; –22˚F to +140˚F
• Antenna connector: SO-239 (50 Ω)
• Maximum Input power: 150 W (PEP) 100 W (continuous)
• Automatic tuning time: Approximately 2 to 3 seconds (general condition) Maximum 15 seconds. Approximately 1 second (re-tuning for a memorized frequency)
• Automatic tuning accuracy: SWR 2.0:1 (after tuning, except for multiples of 1⁄2 λ)

  • IC-M710
    Simple, dependable worldwide communications at an affordable price.
  • IC-M802
    The IC-M802 marine single-sideband (SSB) transceiver is available for customers who operate or sail under a non EU flag. It's a marine SSB which includes Digital Selective Calling (DSC) for automated ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore messaging that doubles as a powerful MF/HF radio transceiver, and triples as an e-mail conduit for wireless computer-to-computer connections.
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