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An Update About Chris Ridley G8GKC

An Update About Chris Ridley G8GKC

Many of you are aware that Chris Ridley has been poorly and away from work for a few weeks. Until now we have been respecting his privacy and keeping an eye on the situation, but we feel the time has come for us to explain that the reason Chris is absent is that he suffered a stroke and subsequently was in a really bad way.

We can share some good news in that he has made a significant return to himself since the stroke and he is slowly regaining strength. Also, his movement appears OK with improvement still on going and happening on a daily basis. He has some way to go but we are confident, and we are all rooting for him.

There is some other news, Chris as many of you are aware had a scare with cancer a couple of years back. He bravely and swiftly came through that and appeared to be all clear. Unfortunately recently it became apparent that cancer had returned. Chris was due to start a course of therapy just around the time that the stroke happened. Obviously, until he is stronger, he will be unable to get started on his treatment.

We all remain hopeful and positive and are sure that Chris will get through this and be home shortly, getting his course of treatment as an outpatient. We all know that Chris is a fighter by nature and will no doubt be back on the air in no time.

If you would like to send a card or message to Chris, please send to us via post or messages via email or telephone. We will ensure they are passed on.

On behalf all his mates here at ICOM UK, we appreciate your care and concern. We will keep you posted on any news,

All at ICOM UK Ltd -

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