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Autocom & Backchat-Vixen - Leading the way in Bike Communication

The latest in motorcycle radio communication technology can be seen at the International Motor Cycle & Scooter Show in the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. Between 10th and 19th of November two Icom dealers Autocom & Backchat Vixen will be displaying their award winning range of motorcycle and leisure communication products. These products have been meticulously designed so that they offer cost effective and efficient motorcycle communication for bike to bike contact.

Autocom can be seen at stand R10 in Hall 18 and will be showing their latest range of communication products. The range begins with the Pro-M1, an expandable intercom that offers superior quality, performance and versatility. Accompanying this is the company's latest product, the EASI-V8, which Autocom believe to be the best value for money intercom in the world. Both products offer clear speech performance at high speeds (120-150mph) and utilise several special interface leads that allow you to expand your system. Autocom also offers more specialised products such as the RTS range of instructor and pupil systems. All these products use the Icom IC-F4SR(446) two-way radio as its main transceiver.

Vixen-Backchat can be seen on stand T96 in Hall 12. They will be exhibiting their latest headset design which can be instantly fitted on to any helmet with 'clip on pads'. Sound is taken from the speaker directly into the ear canal via a small acoustic tube and silicone earplug. This combination ensures that the received sound is extremely high in quality. The design ensures that the wearer's hearing is protected at all time. The unit has been engineered with a connecting unit with 'Snap -Lock' semi locking connectors and a Press To Talk switch that can fit easily to any handlebar or glove. The company will also be exhibiting their range of rider to pillion intercoms. Vixen now uses the IC-446S two way radio as its main transceiver.

Both companies have received numerous accolades for their products from the motorcycling press including Auto Express, MCN, Bike, Motorcycle International, Superbike Magazine, Ride Magazine. It is with this in mind that both companies have constantly sought to improve their products in design and ease of use so that they can achieve total customer satisfaction.

Icom PMR446 transceivers are an integral part of both companies' products. These are licence free transceivers that allow instant communication between riders. This makes them ideal for motorcycle communication as well as doubling up perfectly for effective personal communication. The Icom PMR446 range begins with the IC-F4SR(446) which is a rugged easy to use PMR446 transceiver. Because of its commercial grade construction the product has recently won several awards from magazines such as Construction Weekly and Farming Monthly. For a more compact solution consider the IC-446S. Icom’s smaller brother to the successful IC-F4SR(446), this new transceiver is much smaller which makes it just right for carrying in a handbag or pocket. A foldaway antenna is incorporated into the design to maximise this portability. Water-resistant with a commercial grade construction, this product has received awards from Sailing Today and Stuff Magazine. If that wasn't enough the US Marines have just purchased 13,000 of these units to use as their Infantry Squad Radio.

Sam Taylor Nobbs, Business Development Manager at Icom (UK) Ltd who will be representing the company at the International Motor Cycle & Scooter Show said, "Many years of dedicated research have gone into these communication systems. Add the ingredient of high quality transceivers from Icom means that both Autocom & Backchat Vixen customers everywhere get a package of quality, performance and ease of use. Why not go and see both companies for yourself at the show.'

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