BC-190 Charger

Rapid desktop charger for the BP-227 battery supplied with the IC-F51V, IC-F61V & IC-M87 radios.

BC-190’s automatic recharging feature with optimised charging cycle scheme keeps the radio always usable.

Microprocessor controlled “smart charger” will recharge the battery, even after the initial rapid charging is finished.

The optimised battery charging cycle also helps make battery packs last longer as it avoids battery damage in extreme conditions (completely drained / over-charging).

  • BP-227
    7.2V/1700mAh Li-Ion battery pack
  • IC-F51V/F61V
    While keeping the dust-tight, waterproof construction and compact style of the original IC-F51 series, the IC-F51V/F61V has additional features including BTL amplifier, vibration alert, voice recorder and lone worker functions. These combined features open up the market for this product to the emergency services who need to use the radio as a radio pager with voice recorder and vibration alert functions, security companies that need lone worker and voice recorder functions and Industrial users who work in very noisy environments and need loud audio with the BTL amp and vibration alert functions.
  • IC-M87E
    Designed with particular emphasis on commercial use the IC-M87 is a high class business marine handheld that meets both marine and simple Private Business Radio (PBR) applications*. Compact and with a tough construction, the IC-M87 meets military standard requirements (MIL-STD) and is built to the same waterproof standard employed by the IC-M1EuroV and IC-M21.
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