Beware of Counterfeit Icom Products

We have recently seen some counterfeit copies of Icom radios available online with some also arriving in the UK to unsuspecting buyers. These copies look like genuine Icom radios but when examined more closely are not and are significantly inferior in both quality and performance.

We have also had several buyers contact us who have purchased and thought they were receiving a genuine ICOM, on arrival the radios had an incorrect UK channel set, some channels missing and in some cases, buttons not functioning as expected.

Most if not all of these counterfeit products are found online and compared to genuine are priced incredibly low. However, what might seem like a bargain or a great purchase will become a disappointment and could affect how you use your radio and also your and others' safety.

If you are unsure, ask the seller for a serial number in advance of purchasing, call our customer service team on 01227 741741 and we'll confirm the origin of the radio as genuine or not.

ALL Icom Radios Are Produced In Our Own Factories In Japan

Beware of Counterfeit Icom Products

We have no outside manufacturing plants for any or our radio products, just our two main factories based in the Wakayama region of Japan and one or two smaller plants that assemble some of our handmade base stations in Osaka.

Icom's own manufacturing plants guarantee that each product that comes off the production line meets with our high quality standards and are enshrined with our Icom brand virtues. The only Icom products that may be produced outside our own factories are certain accessories, examples are battery packs, external speakers and some microphones amongst a few other items. These are made by just a handful of Icom-approved manufacturers who meet tough requirements and standards to ensure compliance, durability, high performance and the quality that Icom demands.

Genuine Icom Product vs Counterfeit
Although the prices of counterfeit products are less than genuine products, counterfeit products have a long list of disadvantages and risks compared to genuine Icom products.

• Counterfeit products are not type-approved to any standard and do not meet UKCA or CE standards.
• You could have your product confiscated or be penalised under your country's law.
• Missing channels and non-intuitive operation.
• Disappointment in the overall quality and performance of the radio…it won't be an Icom.
• No support or warranty from Icom.
• Much shorter product life because of inferior manufacturing (you need to replace the radios more often).
• Shorter communication range (which means your voice may not reach as far as you expected).
• Lower sensitivity (which means you may not hear a signal).
• Shorter battery life (which means you must change or recharge your battery often).
• Risk of leakage, fire, or explosion of the battery.
• Not as rugged as a genuine Icom radio.
• Lower performance at high or low temperatures or in severe environments.
• Ultimately, if your Icom radio is used for safety, you are putting yourself and other lives at risk.

Countermeasures against Counterfeit Icom Products

Beware of Counterfeit Icom Products

Additional steps have been made to identify to the customer that the radio is a genuine Icom.

1. QR Code Genuine Identification System
This system enables anyone to quickly identify whether the Icom product you have is genuine or not using a smart device. When you scan the QR code and a "Genuine" screen is displayed, as shown below, check the contents to determine whether your product is genuine or not. When you scan the QR code, and a "Counterfeit" screen or any other content is displayed, the product is counterfeit.

2. 3D GENUINE Icom Label
The hologram label, which guarantees the made-in-Japan genuine Icom product, has been changed.

• New 3D GENUINE Icom label (see picture at the bottom of the page)
The Icom logo turns, and the four corners are coloured orange when you change the horizontal viewing angle.

• Conventional 3D GENUINE Icom label
This label is being phased out, although there may be some products in the marketplace with this label.

For further downloadable information, click on either:

- How to Distinguish Genuine Icom Radios from Counterfeit Radios Brochure (1 MB) (PDF)
- Icom 3D Genuine Hologram Change Poster (1.5MB) (PDF)

What is the Icom Policy Regarding Counterfeit Products and their Suppliers

Icom has taken legal action against counterfeit manufacturers, importers, and suppliers. In addition to legal action, Icom continuously updates counterfeit product information and educates authorities, dealers, and customers to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit products, until the counterfeit products are removed from the market. Icom is doing its best to eliminate fake products from the market. If you find fake radio manufacturers or suppliers, please get in touch with us directly.

What Should You Do if You Think you have Been Sold or Offered Counterfeit Icom Products

Beware of Counterfeit Icom Products

We recommend that you purchase Icom radios from established authorised Icom dealers. Be wary of purchasing online from sources/websites that you may not usually use. Remember the old adage If it is too good to be true, it normally is.

If you suspect that you have been offered or sold counterfeit Icom products, we ask that you contact us via our contact us page on this website or by emailing us at or giving us a call on 01227 741741.

We appreciate your cooperation and support for Icom.

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