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Black Box VHF Dual Station Commandmic Solution!

Black Box VHF Dual Station Commandmic Solution!

Icom UK have put together a dual station package for boat owners and skippers who want to streamline their onboard communications.

The system is composed of the Icom IC-M400BB black box VHF/DSC, Commandmic Interface made here at Icom UK and two Icom Commandmics, allowing two communication positions onboard.

The package provides numerous benefits for the owner or skipper where space is at a premium including:

- Space saving configuration to boat owners who might not normally have the space to have two stations.
- Fully functional VHF, DSC and intercom between two positions.
- Commandmics utilise the same user interface used on Icom’s latest range of marine radios making control of the radio very straightforward.
- Commandmics are removable thus avoiding the potential for theft.
- Standard (6 metre) or optional (18 metre) Commandmic extension cable allow you to install the Commandmics in your favoured position.
- Smart professional installation.
- Competitively priced against other manufacturers solutions

If you have any questions regarding this new communication system, please contact Icom Sales on 01227 741741 or via email

Icom UK Sales -

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