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Book a dPMR Two Way Digital Radio Demonstration Today!

Book a dPMR Two Way Digital Radio Demonstration Today!

You have read the details about our latest dPMR digital two way radio system. You have read about the benefits and now want a demonstration to see if it is suitable for your business.

Our dPMR systems offer:

• Advanced, flexible systems to suit your needs
• 6.25 kHz efficient channel spacing saving you money on channel capacity and licensing.
• Clear, digital audio quality
• Ability to communicate with your existing analogue radios
• Wider communication coverage

We can arrange to visit or invite one of local dealers to demonstrate our new range of digital two way radio equipment. We can inspect your site and provide you with a competitive quote...with no obligation to buy!

All you need to do is email Icom systems on with the following:

• Company Name
• Contact details
• Company size
• Equipment requirement
• Anything else you might feel is relevant.

Then we will contact you to arrange a visit.

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