Chatterbox Supply IP Radio System to Royal Opera House Festival

Chatterbox Supply IP Radio System to Royal Opera House Festival

The innovative Icom IP advanced two way radio system was recently used at the Deloitte Ignite 15 event at the Royal Opera House. The installation was supplied by Chatterbox Ltd who engineered Icom’s IP advanced radio system to provide cost-effective, licence-free coverage of the site using the building’s existing Wi-Fi network.

In September 2015, the Royal Opera House situated at the heart of London’s Covent Garden staged a new initiative, Deloitte Ignite, a month-long festival of free events. The provision of a two-way radio system for the event presented two challenges:

Firstly, Royal Opera House specified a permanent two-way radio system, which would require a two-way radio licence which can be difficult to obtain in London.

Secondly, the historic theatre presented many “dead spots” where it is difficult to receive or transmit a radio signal without extended infrastructure and cost. The event required coverage across this and a second building with basement offices, linked by tunnel, plus the outside plaza area.

Having surveyed the site and discussed requirements Chatterbox Ltd proposed the Icom IP advanced radio system on hire for the duration of the festival. Chatterbox supplied 25 Icom IP100H handsets with headsets for full duplex capability for the event and installed two Icom IP1000C system controllers to monitor all radio activity. The ROH system used two 20-handset controllers ‘daisy-chained’ together to provide a system for the 25 handsets. The system had the potential to be increased to a maximum of 40 handsets.

Tom Nelson, Creative Producer of the Royal Opera House said, ‘We were delighted that Chatterbox were able to provide a system which gave us the coverage we required. It was perfect for our regular but short-term requirement and has saved us money and provided us with a reliable communication system across what is a problematic site.’

Marco Mignone, Network and Security Engineer of the Royal Opera House said, ‘The IP radio system supplied by Chatterbox enabled us to use the Royal Opera House network as a solution to a potentially costly communications requirement with very little impact on the system itself.’

Richard Blackwell, Senior Account Manager at Chatterbox Ltd said, ‘The IP Advanced Radio System represents a genuine innovation in two way radio communication providing a potential solution where licences are virtually impossible to obtain, which is the case in London. If a client has a Wi-Fi system in place this IP technology is an elegantly simple cost effective way of achieving effective radio coverage.’

For more information about Chatterbox’s adoption of the Icom Advanced Radio System , visit their website at:

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