Choose Two Way Radio When Deciding on Your On-Set Communications

Choose Two Way Radio When Deciding on Your On-Set Communications

Communicating while filming can be difficult with many variables to cope with from various background interference, weather, demanding directors, cast, crew and extras. With two way radios you can instruct individuals or groups of people around the set instantly and discreetly!

Having to do a different take can be costly. The ability to communicate between director, producers, technicians, cast and the myriad of support personnel within and across different groups, clearly and instantly, can often make the difference between chaos and success. That's where two way radio, sometimes termed walkie-talkies come in.

Efficient communication is essential on filming day to keep everything organised and running. Two way radios allow all teams on the set to communicate quickly and clearly, allowing the crew to be connected when they're out of sight or not within speaking distance.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK Ltd, said, 'From managing demanding actors and equipment to coordinating a small army of crew, specialists, cast and extras, two way radio allows you to coordinate everything.

He added, 'Icom two way radios are top performers in their own right; high-quality build makes them ideal for all tough film and TV applications. Icom systems can range from a pair of licence-free handhelds / walkie-talkies to advanced two way radios with multiple H&S features and functionality. Long battery life combined with high-quality construction makes models from the Icom range perfect for daily demands of any industry.'

‘Icom also have newer radio technologies including LTE and WLAN devices that allow full duplex two-way communications either between users, or groups…much like a telephone conversation. There is even a Priority Interrupt Calling function on some models that allow a crew member to interrupt a conversation which could be an important function for a shoot.’

'So, if you are looking for an effective two way radio system to coordinate actors, deliver shoots on time and within budget, then Icom has a range of solutions.'

To watch a video case study about how Icom radios assisted an established film producer around the coast in difficult rugged terrrain watch Video Case Study: Video Production Made Easy with Icom Two Way Radio on our YouTube channel.

To find an Icom dealer specialising in two way radio communication solutions for broadcast and film, contact Icom UK on 01227 741741 or

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