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D-Star Live Feed at Hamfest 2011

D-Star Live Feed at Hamfest 2011

As well as showcasing the forthcoming ID-31E D-Star Handheld transceiver at this year's Hamfest, Icom will be setting up a live web feed displaying images of the show using two ID-1 D-Star Digital Mobile transceivers. The radios positioned at either end of the Icom UK stand will be sending images to each other and to the web every 10 seconds. You can view the web feed by clicking on the link below.


The demonstration will use an ID-1 connected to a PC which will send local pictures to another ID-1 positioned at the other end of the Icom stand. This other ID-1 will receive the picture; transfer it to the PC, which will be displayed on the monitor for everyone to see. This will be done in reverse with images being sent back every 10 seconds. A picture will also be forwarded to the web which you can see by following this link ICOM D-STAR FEED.

Also at the show will be our dealers who will be stocking our range of equipment and offers including 'Buy an IC-E92D and get a HM-175 GPS Speaker Microphone Free.'

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