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D-Star Live Image Feed at Hamfest 2010

D-Star Live Image Feed at Hamfest 2010

As well as displaying their full range of Amateur Radio equipment at the Newark Hamfest, Icom UK will be setting up a live web feed displaying images of the show using two ID-1 D-Star Digital Mobile transceivers. The two radios, one on Icom’s trailer, the other on their stand will be sending images to each other and to the web every 10 seconds. You can view the web feed here at ICOM D-STAR FEED.

So what is going to happen? Don said, ’at this year’s Hamfest, you will see the Icom trailer at the entrance alongside GB4FUN. Inside the hall will be the Icom UK stand. The Icom trailer will have an ID-1 connected to a PC that will display local pictures on screen which will send to the other ID-1 positioned on the main Icom stand. This ID-1 will receive this picture; transfer it to the PC, which will be displayed on the monitor for everyone to see. This will be done in reverse with images being sent from stand to trailer every 10 seconds. A picture will also be forwarded to the web which you can see by following this link ICOM D-STAR FEED.’

Connecting the two D-Star ID-1 radios together forms a local area network. The process of sending and receiving images does not take up all the bandwidth and additional Ethernet based application can be handled at the same time.

So considering this has been done using freely available software, what are the applications for Radio Amateurs? Don said, ’This D-Star Data technology could be used for remote monitoring, surveillance or even connection between two local area networks to make one larger network.’

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