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DSC - Take advantage of our expertise?

DSC - Take advantage of our expertise?

Digital Selective Calling (DSC) is a subject currently generating much debate among the maritime fraternity. As a responsible manufacturer, Icom (UK) are offering to visit those organisations affected, to talk about the issues raised by this subject. Where relevant, Icom will customise presentations, making them as general or as technical as required (e.g. from talking about the safety benefits of radio in general to the operation of a DSC unit) and all in an informative and entertaining way.

DSC affects a wide range of boat users, so who could this invitation be of interest to?

Yacht Clubs, Powerboat Clubs, Sportboat Clubs, Ribs Clubs, Motor Boat/Yacht Clubs and Fishing Clubs.

As highly respected sales professionals in the marine industry, Jeff Dixon (Marine Dealer Manager) and Jon Brooks (Marine Product Specialist), will be giving the presentations. Both have a broad range of experience of the marine industry and have provided presentations to a number of associations.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Executive at Icom (UK) Ltd said,' With the need to fill up a calendar of events for the year, this may be the ideal opportunity for various club secretaries to fill an important gap in their diary.'

Icom UK Marketing -

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