Dover Organisations Choose Icom LTE/PoC Radio Solution To Enhance Communications

Dover Organisations Choose Icom LTE/PoC Radio Solution To Enhance Communications

Three organisations on the East Coast of Kent are sharing an Icom LTE system to enhance their communication. James Salmon, Managing Director of both 'Dover Marine Services' and 'Dover Sea Safari', also a director of the charity 'Wet Wheels South East' uses the LTE radios to ensure safety and provide communication alongside conventional marine VHF.

James said, ‘We operate charter vessels in the English Channel under the White Cliffs of Dover and Folkestone. We were looking for a system that could provide us with the necessary coverage to help our business and in turn give our customers a better experience'

He went on to say, “We trialled the Icom LTE/PoC radios over a busy weekend and they worked exceedingly well in all areas, the audio quality is stunning and off the coast here the cellular service remains good so it's great to have peace in mind knowing that we can be contacted, not just by VHF but also privately by LTE and have a telephone style conversation."

Further James said, "After the trials we were so impressed we bought some and now have an LTE radio in our office ashore plus others on each of our vessels. We are also looking at increasing the number of LTE radios in our network utilising the group function so that we can listen/monitor group calling between our inshore lake facility which is around 60 miles further inland.’

For more details about 'Dover Marine Service', 'Dover Sea Safari' and 'Wet Wheels' (a charity that builds disabled people’s confidence by taking them out to sea in modified, accessible powerboats), visit their websites below:

To find out more about the Icom LTE radio system, please visit the dedicated pages or contact our sales team on 01227 741741 or via the email at


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