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Exclusive News! Introducing Icom’s IC-M93D Next Generation Handheld VHF/DSC Marine Radio

Exclusive News! Introducing Icom’s IC-M93D Next Generation Handheld VHF/DSC Marine Radio

The first ever sample of a new Icom handheld VHF/DSC was shown at the London Boatshow 2016. Flown in especially from Osaka, Japan, the new product, called the IC-M93D is the next stage of evolution for a VHF/DSC handheld!

One of the most striking things to hit you about this new radio is the size and its elegant design. This radio measure only 145mm tall and weighs just 310g. Despite its size, the IC-M93D features an impressive 2.4 inch high contrast dot matrix, backlit LCD display which will allow all functions/information to be easily viewed. Add into the mix, Icom’s menu driven functionality and you have a radio that is easy to see and use whether you are cruising in calm waters, or sailing in rough conditions.

The IC-M93D features some top features incorporated on other Icom radios including active noise cancelling technology which uses a digital processor to reduce background noise making sure your call is clearly heard.

Like many other Icom radios, the IC-M93D is buoyant. If the radio falls into the water, it will float on its back with the LCD, backlit keypad and distress button flashing, thus making the radio easier to retrieve. A useful Man Over Board (MOB) function is included allowing you to record the time and position of the MOB just in case the worst ever happened. These features, dependant on the size of your vessel, could provide a central or back up navigation tool.

The IC-M93D will come with other useful standard features onboard like Dual-Watch /Tri-Watch and there is the Aquaquake draining function emits a vibrating tone and clears water away from the speaker grill. The radio is also waterproof to IPX-7 and meets military specification of durability….this is a radio that will not let you down.

The IC-M93D is scheduled to be available in the second half of 2016. Pricing is rumoured to be similar to Icom’s current IC-M91D VHF/DSC handheld.

*All stated features and appearance may be subject to change

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