FA-S57US Stubby Antenna

The UHF FA-S57US stubby antennas is designed for the IC-F51, IC-F61 and IC-M87 transceivers.

This antenna has been developed in response to customer requests for a shorter length antenna to match the compact dimensions of the IC-F51/F61 and IC-M87 transceivers.

Frequency Range:
UHF 450 - 490MHz

First SMA connector compatible stubby antenna range
Rugged with design to match compact design of the transceiver
Ensures same IPX7 waterproofing as normal supplied long type antenna
Red Ring

Compatible with:

  • IC-F61M
    The IC-F61M maritime UHF onboard handheld transceiver is the first purpose-designed onboard UHF radio which satisfies all the legal requirements of the onboard UHF specification ETS 300 720-1.
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