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Formation of dPMR MoU Group

Icom Inc. along with a group of mobile radio manufacturers, including Kenwood Corporation, Fylde Micro, CTE International, CML Microcircuits are pleased to announce the creation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) group to support and promote dPMR narrowband FDMA technology. This announcement was made at the recent International Wireless Communications Exposition and Convention in Las Vegas.

The signing of this MoU represents the shared wish to promote interoperability between all forms of dPMR equipment through agreement on the type of vocoder to use and the use of ETSI standards for interoperability and conformance testing.

The dPMR MoU group is dedicated to the promotion of dPMR technology and future developments of this new digital protocol.

Anyone with any questions about the dPMR group should contact Ms Caroline Maragnon, the dPMR MoU group secretary on +33 5 62 47 12 88 or via email at:

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