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G2 D-Star Gateway Software released in the UK

G2 D-Star Gateway Software released in the UK

Icom (UK) Ltd are pleased to announce that they are now able to distribute Version 2 of the D-Star Gateway Software ("G2") in the UK. Over the last week, work has been carried out to test the installation and a temporary trust server has been established that currently links 2 repeaters, with more to be added shortly.

G2 has recently been made available in America and is about to arrive in the UK. It offers a number of enhancements over the original release, including web administration via a browser interface, multicasts or 'nets' of repeaters and much improved infrastructure communication. The requirement for a fixed IP address has been dropped, except for a trust server.

As part of our UHF D-Star promotion, one copy of G2 will be supplied to holders of a Notice of Variation (NoV) for UHF (70cm) D-Star repeaters at no-cost. The software is supplied on the strict understanding that it will not be copied or distributed in any way to any other person without the express permission of Icom (UK) Ltd. The software is not free but if you qualify it is provided at no cost to you. Subject to qualification, Icom UK Ltd will purchase a licence on your behalf, ownership of which will be transferred to you on delivery. All terms and conditions of that licence will apply as if it were purchased directly by you. This offer is available until May 31st 2008. Participation in this offer does not imply entitlement to any future upgrades or enhancements.

To qualify for this G2 D-Star Gateway Software offer, you must confirm that you will provide a PC connected to your D-Star controller and an Internet connection which when configured will connect to the K5TIT D-Star network. You must be a UK resident and the D-Star system to which the gateway will be connected must be licensed in the UK. This offer is only available directly from Icom (UK) Ltd.

If you believe you qualify for the G2 D-Star Gateway Software offer then please send an email to the following information:-

•GB7xx (repeater) call sign
•Your full name
•Your call sign
•Your postal address
•Your email address
•Contact telephone number(s)

And, if different...

•Registered keeper's full name
•Registered keeper's call sign
•Registered keeper's postal address
•Registered keeper's email address
•Registered keeper's telephone number(s)

Icom D-STAR Working Party -

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