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Getting the Right Two Way Business Radio Licence

Getting the Right Two Way Business Radio Licence

Last year we published an article explaining how to apply for a marine VHF licence. It proved incredibly popular helping our customers navigate the important issues involved with Ofcom's requirements and regulations. The business radio sector is even more complex with many products, manufacturers, licences and jargon to deal with. Therefore, we thought we would put another guide together on this subject guiding you through the process of getting the right two-way radio licence for your business.

Regardless of the type of business you run, you may need to obtain a licence if you use a two-way radio in the UK. Licensing generally applies to most UK firms and businesses. The organisation you will need to get in touch with for a licence is OFCOM, the government organisation that regulates and licenses various sectors including TV and radio broadcasting, postal services, mobile phones, fixed-line communications as well as radio communication.


OFCOM have a broad remit It is their job to make sure that the radio airwaves are fully regulated and licensed at all times. This means that anyone using a two-way radio will be governed by OFCOM who ensure that everyone is using the right frequencies and power and are not encroaching on other radio users. If you break the law, you could face penalties and enforcement notices under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006.

Which Two Way Radio Licence Do I Need?

There are three different two way radio licences that are available for business use. They are the Simple UK Light Licence, Simple Site Light Licence and Technically Assigned Licence.

Simple UK Light Licence

This licence allows you to use handheld and mobile radio systems for business use anywhere in the UK. Base stations are not permitted. This licences gives you access to up to four business frequency bands and 19 separate frequencies. The licence fee is £75 for five years and is ideal for small businesses where radio usage is low or when it is on temporary deployment. Please be aware that there may be other Simple UK Light licensees in your area using these frequencies.

Simple Site Light Licence
This licence allows you to operate radios from a base station and separate mobile stations within the UK. You will generally be allowed coverage up to one kilometre from your base station. The cost is £75 for a five-year licence and is ideal for small businesses where radio usage is low or when it is on temporary deployment. You'll have access to a range of frequencies, but again there may be other Simple Site Light licensees in your area using the same frequencies.

Technically Assigned Licence
The Technically Assigned Licence is much more flexible. You can use frequencies across all business bands and you can even designate your own area coverage. However, the wider the area and the more popular the frequency band, the more your licence is likely to cost. Licence fees are calculated based on several factors including the coverage area's size and the popularity of the frequency band. Fees typically range from £75 to £1480 for a single channel assignment. The good thing about this licence is there should’nt be other users on the same frequency.

Getting Your Two-Way Radio Licence

It's essential that you make sure your business has the correct two-way radio licence for the radio equipment you are using. OFCOM will give you access to the radio spectrum once you are fully licensed though do remember that Technically Assigned licences will require specific, provable information on the application.

If you are unsure how to apply for a radio licence most Icom dealers include the work of applying for your licence on your behalf as they have the experience and knowledge to avoid all the pitfalls. The dealer will make sure that your requirement, equipment and licence is properly managed including managing your payments.

If you are looking for a new radio system, check out our Two Way Radio Systems Pages on our website or contact our System Department on 01227 741741 or email Our team will advise you of the best dealer to supply you as well as providing with a site survey as well as helping with all your licencing requirements.

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