HM-211 Active Noise Cancelling Hand Microphone (Discontinued)

Noise Canceling Hand Microphone

The HM-211 can automatically* reduce noise in extremely noisy environments and assist in transmitting clear and accurate audio in both analogue and digital modes. Whether around an engine, on the motor or near the wind noise, HM-211 increases productivity by delivering effective communication.
*No on/off/level switch

  • Connector information: Modular
  • Cable Length: 490 mm; 19.3 in (when curled)
  • Waterproof: N/A
  • Weight: 220 g
  • IC-F5130D/F6130D Series
    The IC-F5130D (VHF) and IC-F6130D (UHF) is a new series of simple to use dual-mode mobile radios that provides organisations with mobile radios in their vehicle fleets with IDAS digital and analogue operation. One of the noticeable things about this radio, apart from its compact size, is its high contrast and wide viewing angle black background LCD which improves the visibility of the display for the operator. As well as having several Health & Safety features, the advanced technology built into this radio allows it to be used with the VE-PG4 RoIP gateway allowing it to be incorporated into a much larger radio system with other Icom radios and radio technologies.
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