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I-Track Vehicle Management System

I-Track Vehicle Management System The I-Track vehicle management system allows any organisation to manage its vehicle fleet more efficiently and effectively. This system allows an operator based at HQ to monitor vehicle movements on a computer screen, retrieving vehicle history and verifying that vehicles are travelling along predefined routes.

In addition, because Icom radio technology is incorporated at the heart of I-Track, operators can also send radio communications, text and status messages. This creates a powerful two-way communication tool enhancing an organisation's performance and productivity.

The Main features of I-Track are:
1. GPS tracking of vehicles (AVL)
2. I-Track server program which can analyse vehicle movements and history.
3. Voice communication (between IC-F1610 base and vehicle mobile)
4. Status Messaging (between IC-F1610 base and vehicle mobile)
5. Text Messaging (from IC-F1610 base and vehicle mobile)

The components of I-Track are:
1. I-Track client/server program (this is supplied on a CD)
2. Microsoft © mapping software including Microsoft Map point Data (this is supplied on a CD)
3. IC-F1610 transceiver (Programmed for base station installation)
4. IC-F1610 transceiver (Programmed for each mobile you require)
5. GPS receiver and antenna

The I-Track client program runs on a standard IBM Personal Computer. You can view data showing vehicle position and track its history overlaid on a Microsoft land cartography display.

I-Track keeps a historical database of vehicle data, giving you the ability to review current and past vehicle movement and route activity for each vehicle. This data can be viewed as vehicle position tracks overlaid on a map or in tabular form using standard Windows data viewing tools. At the start of each day, I-Track automatically saves the data from the previous day into a log file.

At the heart of I-Track is the IC-F1610 advanced fully programmable transceiver. This allows I-Track to communicate with its counterpart IC-F1610 & GPS unit installed in every vehicle in your fleet. The IC-F1610 is a fully programmable transceiver and has a large alphanumeric screen that allows I-Track to provide effective two-way radio communication, text messaging or status messaging.

Operation modes:
1. Voice Communication. Select the mobile you want to call, press send, the mobile will respond to the FFSK call for that vehicle
2. Text messages. These can be transmitted with up to 95 characters at a time, so most addresses can be sent in one message.
3. Status Messaging.

Both driver and base can select from up to 23 predefined messages to communicate important information to each other. Status messages are fully programmable, quick, easy to use and perfectly supplement full text messaging. Urgent messages can be accompanied by different beep alerts from the standard alert.

Engineered together, these products offer the following basic benefits:
1. Improved Vehicle Management. You will know where your high value loads are and whether they have deviated from a predefined path.
2. Cost savings. I-Track offers combined voice & data at the fraction of a cost of other systems. No need for expensive phones or pagers. Once the system is set up, the only cost for users is electricity and a licence.
3. Improved two way communications. I-Track uses 3 forms of communication. You make the most appropriate choice.
4. Improved records. Because I-Track saves the full history of every vehicle's journey into a file, you will easily be able to settle any employee/customer disputes.
5. Meet your productivity targets.
6. Swifter response to customer demands.
7. Increased security for vehicles and personnel.
8. Enhanced safety. Know where your people are at any time.
9. Planning. Enables better route planning. Analyse from historical data the quickest, shortest, most cost-effective route.

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