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IC-2300H – Powerful, Dependable VHF Amateur Radio Mobile!

IC-2300H – Powerful, Dependable VHF Amateur Radio Mobile!

If you are looking at purchasing a reliable, straightforward VHF mobile Amateur radio that won’t let you down, then you should look no further than Icom’s new IC-2300H. Offering 4 power levels up to a massive 65W, this new model will give you more power than radios of the same size.

The IC-2300H is solidly built and meets many US military specifications for shock and vibration. The rugged aluminium die cast chassis provides effective heat dissipation and keeps RF output even during continuous operation.

The IC-2300H is particularly easy to use. The large backlit display is clear to read day or night. The bottom of the display shows available function of the front panel buttons directly below the display making the radio easy to control.

Like preceding models, the organisation of its 207 memory channels is incredibly easy to do. Each channel is programmable with 6 characters for easy recognition and the multiple scan functions making selecting favourite channels easy to use.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager for Icom UK said, ‘Icom radios are renowned for their quality and reliability. The IC-2300H is no exception. If you are new to the hobby or maybe a seasoned enthusiast looking for an easy to use mobile then look no further than the IC-2300H.

The IC-2300H comes with a standard 2 year warranty and will be available from all Authorised Icom Amateur Radio Dealers

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