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IC-E208 VHF/UHF FM dual band mobile transceiver

IC-E208 VHF/UHF FM dual band mobile transceiver

Icom are pleased to announce the launch of the eagerly anticipated IC-E208 dual band mobile transceiver for the Radio Amateur market. As the successor to the popular IC-207H, the IC-E208 retains many features that made its predecessor so popular. Enhanced new features such as increased output power, selectable amber, green or yellow display, large tuning dial and a wideband receiver capability provide a stylish, reliable compact package that appeals to both new and experienced Radio amateur. Switchable VHF/UHF dual band transceiver with wide band receiver

The IC-E208 provides VHF/UHF dual band capabilities (one band at a time) via a simple band switching system. The IC-E208 is also a wideband receiver and covers 118–173, 230–549 and 810–999MHz. This will allow you to listen to a variety of communications in your vehicle or shack.

Powerful 55W/50W output power
A MOS-FET power amplifier provides a powerful 55W in the 145MHz band and 50W in the 430-440 MHz band. Output power is selectable in 3 steps.

Detachable front panel
The controller of the IC-E208 is detachable and may be installed on a dashboard with the main unit located under a seat or in the boot. This can be a great help when fitting into a modern car where space is limited. A standard 3.5-metre separation cable (OPC-600) is supplied. A longer separation cable OPC-601/R (7m; 23ft) is also available.

Total 512 memory channels
The IC-E208 has a total of 512 memory channels: 500 regular channels; 2 call channels; and 10 scan edges. Each memory channel stores a 6-character alphanumeric name, output power, tone frequency, skip information etc. A Bank Link Scan system divides these memories into 10 groups, A to J, to make bank scanning easy.

Extra large tuning dial
The IC-E208 is very easy to use. A newly designed backlit dial combines the tuning dial and band switch button. Channel selection can easily be made by fingertip control without looking at the front panel. The bright illumination on the band switch button is matched to the LCD illumination colour and makes night time operation simple.

Triple colour illumination
The extra large LCD can be backlit with a choice of three colours. Green, amber and yellow, with 8-step dimmer control, allows the user visual enjoyment to compliment their listening pleasure.

HM-133, remote control microphone
The supplied HM-133 remote control microphone extends the usability of the IC-E208 by allowing frequency entry directly from the keypad. The F1/F2 buttons memorise the transceiver's full settings including frequency and tone settings.

9600bps data connector
A mini DIN (6-pin) connector is provided on the main unit for direct packet modem connection at 9600bps. 1200bps packet communication is also possible from the direct packet connector or via the microphone connector.

104 x 2 DTCS, 50 CTCSS tone squelch operation
Standard CTCSS and DTCS tone signalling systems provide quiet stand-by, while useful functions such as 'pocket beep' and tone scan are included. The 'pocket beep' acts like a pager as it alerts the operator with a beep sound when the transceiver receives a signal containing a preset tone. Tone scan detects the CTCSS tone frequency in use on a repeater.

Selectable squelch
The IC-E208 has a selectable squelch attenuator, which reduces interference from strong nearby signals. Selectable squelch delay keeps the squelch in an open condition for a specified period, even when a received signal becomes suddenly weaker than the threshold level.

Other outstanding features
• FM narrow capability
• 16 DTMF memory channels (24 digits)
• Auto power off
• Auto repeater function
• PC programmable with the optional CS-208, Cloning Software.

The IC-E208 is now available from authorised Icom dealers with a recommended retail price of £329.99 (inc. VAT). It comes supplied with HM-133 remote control microphone, front panel separator cable, OPC-346 DC power cable and MB-84 controller bracket.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manger of Icom (UK) Ltd said,’ The IC-E208 features a good balance of leading edge technology, easy to use features in a reliable, compact package that will appeal to all Radio Amateurs.'

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