BC-212EX Rapid Charger

Charger for IC-F3202DEX/F4202DEX series.

The BC-212EX is a rapid charger for the Icom BP-277EX battery for the ATEX Icom IC-F3202DEX VHF and Icom IC-F4202DEX UHF two way radios.

  • BP-277EX
    Li-Ion ATEX, 7.2V 18000 mAh battery pack.
  • IC-F3202DEX/F4202DEX Series
    The IC-F3202DEX/F4202DEX ATEX digital two way radio series meets IEC Ex/ATEX based I/S specifications for the oil, mining and chemical industries. In dPMR digital format the IC-F3202DEX/F4202DEX ATEX Digital Series provides basic conventional operation as well as a dPMR Mode 2 multi-site radio system. The radio also features lone worker and man down functions which automatically send an emergency signal should a worker be in trouble, an extra consideration for those looking for a complete ATEX health and safety solution.
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