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IC-M802 - The Awards Keep Coming!

IC-M802 - The Awards Keep Coming!

Icom America has informed us that the IC-M802 has been awarded the Freeman K Pittman Award for Innovation by Sail Magazine. This award is given by the editors of Sail Magazine to all genres of Marine products, including boats/yachts and related products, electronics (communications, navigation etc), systems and propulsion, safety gear etc. so the IC-M802 had a lot of tough competition.

In its January 2003 edition, the magazine states the following about the IC-M802, ’Icom’s IC-M802 nicely updates and simplifies SSB to its modern potential – bundling blue water DSC distress capability, HF e-mail functionality, and easy ham-radio set-up along with signal processing for noise rejection. Reports from our marine technicians in the field state that the performance is superb.’

This is another accolade for the IC-M802 and comes on the back of success of the IC-M802 in last year’s NMEA show, where it was credited with the ‘Best SSB Radio’ and ‘Best of the Show’ awards.

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