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IC-PCR100 - Radio From Your PC!

IC-PCR100 - Radio From Your PC!

The IC-PCR100 is a versatile radio scanner that lets you tap into the entire world of radio communications. Controlled from your computer this small, sleek black box allows you to monitor a wide range of communications; all from your PC!

The IC-PCR100 gives you complete access to broadcast bands across a wide range of frequencies. Using the software supplied, the IC-PCR100 can easily scan and listen to international, national, regional and local broadcast radio stations, plus, many more interesting frequencies such as the emergency services, aircraft, air traffic control and marine bands. You can even listen to terrestrial TV. With additional software you can decode, telex from news services or weather maps transmitted by satellite.

The IC-PCR100 is an ideal tool for the way we lead our busy lives. For instance, an executive travelling up and down the length of the country can store their favourite radio stations into the memory of a laptop. At night, in their hotel room, they can settle down and relax to those stations that have already been stored. On the other hand, if going abroad the IC-PCR100 can be used to keep in touch with stations such as the BBC World Service. Traditionally, scanners could only hold a modest number of memory channels. However, with the PCR100, things are different. Using your computer disk drive, the IC-PCR100 can store an unlimited number of radio frequencies and settings.

Icom supply Windows 95/98 compatible software as standard with the IC-PCR100. To make operating easy the software features two interactive computer screens. The first is a multi-functional screen that gives control of all functions and looks similar to an advanced communications receiver. The second is a simplified version that is small enough to run alongside other applications. Replicating a piece of hi-fi equipment, this displays basic information such as frequency, whilst still providing immediate access to the important controls, such as volume and 5 quick-access memory buttons. A stereo audio output for your soundcard or speakers is also available.

The IC-PCR100 comes complete with floppy disks, power supply, antenna and connection lead. Installation is simplicity itself through the use of plug’n’play technology.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Executive said, ”This great product is more than just a gimmick. Many people have an interest in “listening in” on radio conversations, particularly with aircraft or the public services. The PCR-100 lets you do this as well as improving on the features and performance of basic FM radio cards for the PC.”

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