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ID-52E D-STAR Digital Handheld Transceiver, Available Now!

ID-52E D-STAR Digital Handheld Transceiver, Available Now!

We are pleased to announce that the first batch of our eagerly awaited ID-52E VHF/UHF dual-band handhelds are being shipped this week. Some of those lucky enough to have reserved one with an early order will get their new radio for the Christmas Holidays. Further deliveries follow very soon. Our Ham radio team are all very excited and looking forward to getting their hands on our demo models.

For more details about the ID-52E including a downloadable brochure, manual and video introduction to this product visit the ‘ID-52E D-STAR Digital Handheld Product Page’.

The ID-52E has a suggested retail price of £519.99 (inc.VAT).

Demand for this product is very high, so if you want to get your hands on one, contact your Amateur Radio dealer today.

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