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Icom Launch D-Star at Leicester Amateur Radio Show

D-STAR in the UK will be launched at this year's Leicester Amateur Radio Show, taking place at Donington Park on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th September 2007. Icom will have a functional D-STAR System running on its stand. We hope to have limited stock of Repeaters in September. Portables (IC-E91 & IC-U82) and mobiles (IC-E2820) are available now.

In addition to the demonstration equipment, there will be a D-STAR presentation given by Don Turner (Icom General Manager), on both days. His presentation entitled, 'D-STAR, Amateur Digital Radio for the 21st Century', will describe how D-STAR works, why D-STAR, a typical system, how to communicate on D-STAR locally and via the Internet.

For those interested in obtaining further details about D-STAR or considering setting up a D-STAR System, there will be contact forms available to fill in.

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