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Icom America Win multi-million dollar contract with U.S. Army for 22,000 two way radios

Icom UK Ltd, the radio communications specialist, is delighted to announce that Icom America Inc. has won a multi-million dollar contract with the U.S. Army for the provision of their latest VHF two way radios – the IC-F3S.

Icom is the first Japanese company to supply the U.S. Defence Department with radio communications. The company will deliver over 22,000 two way radios to specific Ranger, Airborne, Air Assault, Light Infantry and Mechanised Infantry units for operation during battle situations in which clear communication is paramount.

Icom’s IC-F3S was rigorously tested against several leading transceivers before being selected. The radio was inserted into standard training exercises, over a four-week period, at the U.S. Army Tropic Centre, in a realistic field environment. The results were published in the ‘System Evaluation Report For The Soldier Intercom (SI)’, 22 June 1998, by the US Army Operational Test and Evaluation Command. The Icom IC-F3 was tested before the army decided that no keypad was required and the IC-F3S was chosen.

The IC-F3S is extremely lightweight and compact in design, which is an important factor as soldiers are constantly on the move and require maximum freedom. Tested in a tropic environment the radio had to undergo severe humidity and heavy foliage, which did not present a problem since the IC-F3S, is constructed in a rugged dye cast chassis.

The soldiers were asked to assemble, insert batteries, initialise and communicate over the Icom radio without the use of the manual. More than two-thirds of the soldiers rated these tasks as extremely easy. Simplicity is the key to the IC-F3S as it features a minimum number of switches and buttons as well as neat LCD panels that enable users to see the radio’s operating condition at all times.

Dale Blackman, Marketing Manager for Icom UK, said: “Icom is going from strength to strength and the IC-F3S is one of our most popular products. The deal with the U.S Department of Defense firmly establishes Icom in the global market and reinforces our position as the leading high quality radio manufacturer".

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