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Icom Engineer Geoff Boakes G8PPQ Retires after 31 years of Valued Service

Icom Engineer Geoff Boakes G8PPQ Retires after 31 years of Valued Service

Everyone here at Icom UK was sad to see Geoff Boakes G8PPQ hang up his soldering iron and retire recently after 31 years of loyal service as one of our top Service Engineers. Geoff is now set for his well-earned retirement. He plans to keep himself busy with his hobby of making antennas and playing Amateur radio.

Geoff said, 'I was surprised and amazed by the terrific send-off that I received from my colleagues and was a little bit emotional. The last 31 years have flown by. I've seen the technology change from programming M12s with matrix diodes to the most complex ball grid array processors.'

'I have loved helping customers with their various problems. The company has changed and kept pace with the times, and it is still the most respected in the various fields of radio communication, especially in the Amateur, Marine, Aviation, PMR and the ever-growing and more complex LTE & Sat-com markets.'

'Unlike many other large companies, Icom UK is a family-run business and we are all made to feel part of that family. We may have a few ups and downs along the way, but family works and sticks together for the common good of all involved.'

'I want to thank you everyone for the fantastic gifts, the Spitfire print is already up on the wall at home, the ducks have been demoted to the hallway and I'm really looking forward to having a good look around the Imperial war museums at Duxford.'

As to what Geoff will be up to in his retirement, he said, 'Things I plan to do with my time are: More Amateur radio, making aerials, some electronic design work, gardening, doing up the house, walking, cycling and metal detecting.

He added, 'I will be popping in from time to time, so won't be a stranger.'

Bob Stockley, Icom UK's Managing Director said, 'Having worked for us for so long we are incredibly sad to see him go, but not without our best wishes for the next stage of his life.

Happy Retirement, Geoff, from everyone at Icom UK and all our customers.'

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