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Icom Hold Radio Amateur Course

Icom Hold Radio Amateur Course

Herne Bay based radio communication company, Icom (UK) Ltd is currently holding a Radio Amateur Course for members of its staff. Run by two members of staff, both licensed Radio Amateurs, the course aims to increase the knowledge base of students in basic electronic principle and radio theory and give staff greater confidence in communicating with customers on a general technical level. The thirteen-week course, which started in September, culminates in an examination on December 3rd.

Passing the City & Guilds Radio Amateur Examination (RAE) is the goal for anyone who wants to become a licensed amateur. It was Geoff Boakes idea to run this in-house course. Together with his colleague, Chris Ridley, they designed an intensive timetable to teach the course syllabus in just 13 weeks. Geoff said,' A lot of the teaching has been condensed into each one-hour session. Most RAE courses are run for 2 and a half-hours, a week for a whole year.' He went on to add,' The course structure, highly technical in nature, may have been a bit ambitious but given the technical background of many of the student's, progress has been very rapid.'

Students of the course come from all departments of the company including sales, stores and technical support. Some of the students started with little knowledge of radio theory itself. Chris Ridley said, 'Most of the students have been very receptive to the course. All have shown a dramatic improvement in their knowledge. It has made me realise how much I had forgotten since I passed my RAE!'

With a final note to his students for their examination on the 3rd of December, Geoff Boakes said,' I wish those taking the exam the best of luck and I hope that even those who do not go on to get a 'licence' have a better insight into the many facets of amateur radio.'

Dave Stockley, Chairman and Co-founder of Icom (UK) Ltd said, 'I think that this project is a very good idea for any company connected with the radio industry. Icom Incorporated in Japan has its roots in Amateur Radio, its President Mr Inoue JA3FA, is an active and well-respected "Ham". We currently have 14 licensed staff, this could mean the Icom UK club callsign G41CM gets more of an airing!'

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