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Icom IC-F25 Radios helps Create Kings Cross Regeneration

Icom IC-F25 Radios helps Create Kings Cross Regeneration

At a cost of £800m over six years, work has transformed the Victorian St. Pancras train station in London into an international rail-link, accommodating Eurostar, East Midlands, Thameslink trains and high-speed commuter services to Kent, due to start in 2009.

The completion and subsequent opening of St. Pancras International by the Queen accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh in November 2007, signalled the launch of “Arrivals,” a ten-day festival of “creative journeys” focused on bringing together “artists and communities, the public, private and voluntary sector, creative companies, venues and major businesses” around the station.

CreateKX is an organization representing the businesses and creative people based in King’s Cross, London and its surrounding areas. Formed to encourage the current and future creative community living and working in King’s Cross, CreateKX contacted official Icom distributors EARS plc for handportable radios to assist their team with the planning and co-ordination of the “Arrivals” festival.

“Our client, Create KX, required a radio that was simple to operate, durable and with a long battery life for use throughout a busy day,” stated Michael Davies, Technical Director of EARS plc, “Icom’s IC-F25 was able to do just that.”

Since the Royal opening of St. Pancras International, more than one million passengers have booked to travel on High Speed 1, the UK’s first section of high speed railway. The completion of St Pancras is only one small part of a £6 billion project and just the beginning of redevelopment and regeneration of the King's Cross area.

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Photo credit: London & Continental Railways / TROIKA

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