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Icom Introduces IDAS Digital Multi-site Trunking

Icom UK is pleased to introduce IDAS digital multi-site trunking for its IDAS two-way radio systems. A simple upgrade on all radio terminals, converts an IDAS conventional or trunked system to a high-capacity, multi-site trunked system.

IDAS digital multi-site trunking offers IP connectivity between up to 16 sites for seamless wide area coverage across an expansive area. Each site has the capacity for up to 30 channels, and because no dedicated control channel is required, all channels are available for voice and data communication. Seamless roaming between sites enables subscribers to freely move about within the system’s coverage area and contact other subscribers without knowing their exact location. Radios automatically register on repeaters when moving in and out of coverage areas.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK Ltd said, ‘IDAS digital multi-site trunking allows a large number of users to operate on the system to make the most efficient use of radio channels. With a simple firmware upgrade on handportables and the addition of a plugin module to the repeaters by an Icom dealer, IDAS Multisite trunking becomes an economical solution for private mobile radio users requiring seamless roaming across a large geographical area.’

IDAS (Icom Digital Advanced System) ideal for business and industry markets offers 6.25 kHz narrowband channel spacing. IDAS radio equipment can be used with existing analogue equipment and systems for gradual migration to a 6.25 kHz digital system.

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