Icom LTE Radio Solution Provides Communication Boost For Dartford Half Marathon

Icom LTE Radio Solution Provides Communication Boost For Dartford Half Marathon

Icom’s new LTE radio solution provided blanket coverage and seamless communication for the organisers of the Dartford Half Marathon on the 3rd of March 2019. The organisers, Nice Work, had been looking for a radio system that could provide coverage of the 13-mile course in Kent without holes or dead-spots. Icom dealer "Kent PA Hire" were on hand to specify and supply the Icom solution which allowed the organisers team to communicate clearly throughout urban and rural areas without the need for any additional radio infrastructure.

Having taken place annually for over 40 years, the Dartford Half Marathon is Kent's longest standing event of this kind. Nice Work, a long-established race management company organise this event and approached Kent PA Hire, who have provided radio communication for them at several events across Kent previously. They asked for their advice about a rugged and reliable voice solution for this event.

Matt Curtis of Kent PA Hire said, ‘Nice Work have used other radios in the past but have never had the coverage across the course that was required. We looked at deploying a trailer mast with a repeater but decided to trial the new Icom LTE Radio System instead.’

He added, ’It was obvious that this was a good solution for wide area coverage across the course and for race control and the medics to keep in touch with each other.’

Cathy Burke from Nice Work said, ‘Communication at any sporting event is very important for race organisers, marshals and to keep in touch with first aid facilities.’

‘Communication was clear from the furthest point right back to race HQ. We have used radios before on other half marathons, but these were much better and easier to use.’

Kent PA Hire has been providing sound and communications for events across Kent and East Sussex for many years and have a large fleet of Icom radios and repeaters used at events throughout the event season. If you are looking for comms for an event including the Icom LTE radio system, contact Kent PA Hire on 01303 242085 or events@kentpahire.co.uk. Alternatively, visit their website at http://www.kentpahire.co.uk/.

For more details about Icom’s new PoC radio system visit the dedicated web pages at icomuk.co.uk/LTE_PoC-Radio-System.


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