Icom LTE Radio System Providing Clear Comms Over a Large Area at Cowes-Torquay Powerboat Race

Icom LTE Radio System Providing Clear Comms Over a Large Area at Cowes-Torquay Powerboat Race

One of the most prestigious events operating in some of the toughest conditions recently tested Icom’s new LTE radio system. The Cowes -Torquay Powerboat Race covering a distance of 190 nautical miles has long been recognised as one of the powerboating’s toughest challenges and provided a true test of the quality and adaptability of Icom’s new Push to Talk over Cellular model. Not only did the radios have to contend with coverage over a wide area but also had to meet the demands of the operating at sea.

Comparisons have been made with The Cowes - Torquay - Cowes race and other motorsport events such as Le Mans and the Indy 500. 40 high calibre powerboats entered from across the globe including boats from the UK, America, Belgium, Sweden and Bermuda. Race officials were equipped with IP501H LTE handsets. A quantity were issued to the race boats, some at Cowes and also at Bournemouth.

Richard Salaman Maritime Safety Officer and Event Controller said,’ The IP50H handset was brilliant. Communications were first rate, clear and easy to use. This was important as this year, the race had to be shortened due to gales and very rough seas. All of the Race Officers agreed that they were a vast improvement on the old VHF sets simply because of their clarity and the ability to speak to anyone anywhere. Also, the mere fact that no other club’s communications were breaking across like we normally get with VHF usage.’

He added that the Icom LTE radio system would be an excellent communication system for future sailing events, ‘These radios will be good for the Round the Island race in July (Isle of Wight) where they would be excellent as we have no comms on the South Side from Cowes except through a mobile VHF unit on the high ground acting as a relay! There are some other maritime events where they would be excellent as well.’

He added,’ Icom’s LTE Radio system is a truly brilliant piece of kit for reliable and clear comms over long distances.’

If you are looking for regional or national communication scheme without the hassle or financial commitment of radio infrastructure, then the Icom LTE radio system with its excellent audio, full duplex communication and excellent health and safety features is your answer.

For more details about Icom’s new PoC radio system visit the dedicated web pages at icomuk.co.uk/LTE_PoC-Radio-System.

Alternatively, contact our team today on 01227 741741 or email sales@icomuk.co.uk.


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