Icom LTE Radios used on Pilgrims Hospice Ashford Event – “A Night to Shine”

Icom LTE Radios used on Pilgrims Hospice Ashford Event – “A Night to Shine”

Icom’s LTE radio system is proving to be a very popular solution among event organisers because of its ease of use and excellent audio quality. A great example of how well it has been utilised was at a recent Pilgrims Hospice walk with the comms supplied by Kent PA Hire.

Pilgrims Hospice is a charity providing palliative care FREE of charge in East Kent. The charity does a fantastic job providing vital, compassionate care with the help of the many dedicated supporters they have. “A Night to Shine” is just one of the important events that the charity holds to raise funds.

For many years South Kent Raynet have supported this event at the Julie Rose Stadium, Ashford in Kent, supplying radios for the safe running of the event ensuring that organisers and the medical team are well connected. In the past, a repeater has been used with an analogue system.

This year the event had around 300 walkers tackling a 10k route around the Ashford area. To assist the organisers, Icom radio dealer, Kent PA Hire supplied an LTE radio solution for the event. This had the advantage of providing wide-area coverage without the need for a repeater or trailer mast. It also had the advantage of the mapping facility so control could see the location of Marshalls, the medical team, and event organiser and the Tail-end walker all on a tablet.

Taylor Galloway from South Kent Raynet said, ‘South Kent RAYNET were lucky enough to be able to use the new Icom PoC (Push-to-Talk Over Cellular) radio system supplied by one of our members from Kent PA Hire. Matt did a fantastic job showing us the features Icom LTE can bring to our Events.’

Taylor added,’ coverage was excellent and much better than the usual analogue systems we use. Radios were simple and easy to operate even if you’ve never picked one up before.’

‘We used the GPS mapping function to see where all our operators and medical team were on the course. This 300 strong charity walk was easily controlled by the LTE radio system with a live map in control.’

Kent PA Hire has been providing sound and communications for events across Kent and East Sussex for many years and has a large fleet of Icom radios used at events throughout the event season. If you are looking for comms for an event including the Icom LTE radio system, contact Kent PA Hire on 01303 242085 or events@kentpahire.co.uk. Alternatively, visit their website at http://www.kentpahire.co.uk/.

For more details about the fantastic work that the Pilgrims Hospice does go to www.pilgrimshospices.org.

To find out more about the Icom LTE radio system, please visit the dedicated LTE PoC Radio System pages or contact our sales team on 01227 741741 or via the email at sales@icomuk.co.uk.


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