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Icom Launch IC-756PROIII at Leicester Amateur Radio Show

Icom Launch IC-756PROIII at Leicester Amateur Radio Show

Icom Launch IC-756PROIII at Leicester Amateur Radio Show Making its debut at the Leicester Amateur Radio show is the latest transceiver in the IC-756PRO series.

The IC-756PROIII incorporates many of the features that made its predecessors so successful. However, the integration of the latest technology employed in the IC-7800 such as receiver technology, +30dBm class IP3, miniscope makes this new rig the very pinnacle of the IC-756PRO series.

New Features
• Improved Third Order Intercept point of +30dBm (IC-756PROII IP3 was about +22dBm)
• - Same ‘Mini-scope’ function adopted from the IC-7800 - SSB Tx bandwidth can be adjusted for both high and low band, not just WIDE/MID/NAR
•- Improved BPF and 1st filter for reduced distortion
• - Pre-amp changed to a noiseless feedback type to reduce 2nd order distortion
•- Saturation characteristics of mixer and surrounding circuits improved
• - Clock function has been added. Displays local time, UTC time etc
• - Screensaver function for prolonging LCD life and reducing ‘burn in’ effect.

Features Retained from IC-756PROII
•- 32-bit floating point DSP with 24-bit AD/DA converter
•- 51 types of pass band widths can be freely set
•- Soft and Sharp filter shapes to suit the user’s operation or band conditions
•- RTTY demodulator/decoder
•- AGC loop management system eliminates blocking by strong adjacent signals
•- Real time spectrum scope 5-inch colour TFT display …and many more outstanding features,

For more details about this new product, please go to the IC-756PROIII product page in the Amateur Radio section of our website.

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