Icom Licence Free Two Way Radios Used on Scottish North Coast 500 route Photoshoot

Icom Licence Free Two Way Radios Used on Scottish North Coast 500 route Photoshoot

Professional adventurers, the Turner Twins have recently made use of Icom IC-F29DR2 licence-free digital radios to keep in touch with each other on their latest projects which involved exploring the Scottish North Coast 500 route on a couple of Harley Davidson fully electric LiveWire motorbikes.

The brothers spent a week riding around Scotland’s North Coast 500 on fully electric LiveWires bikes pre-lockdown last year. The idea was to see the best of what the UK has to offer and push electric travel boundaries. The radios, all with Icom speaker microphones, proved helpful in keeping in touch with each other on the electric bikes. A third unit was used by the film crew to make communication easier and more efficient when filming certain shots.

Ross Turner said, ‘The weather in Scotland is damp at the best of times so we needed waterproof radios with good range that had microphone speaker capabilities. We needed to use the microphone speakers while riding.’

‘The radios were perfect for this adventure. The sound quality is outstanding (even when there is lots of noise). The battery life is excellent as we only charged them once in the week of filming while using them every day.’

He added, ‘We look forward to using them on bigger and more adventurous expeditions when we’re allowed to travel further afield. If you want a good quality, robust, non-licence radio - look no further!’

For more information about the Turner Twins, visit: www.theturnertwins.co.uk/


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