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Icom Marketing Manager Passes PWC Course

Icom Marketing Manager Passes PWC Course

Radio Communication Company, Icom UK is pleased to congratulate its Marketing Manager, Ian Lockyer on his successful completion of the 1-day RYA PWC course. Ian was under the tuition of John Hopkins from Xtreme Water Training and Safety Service, a recognised RYA training centre based in Gosport, Hampshire.

Ian Lockyer said, 'I have wanted to do this course for some time. The course was excellent and covered all aspects of the syllabus. It certainly gave me a great deal of satisfaction to have navigated my course from Gosport to various points on the Solent.

'He added, 'Not being the most confident on the water, I was surprised how safe and stable the Personal Watercraft is. I was very thankful for John's patience and skill throughout. Once I had completed the capsizing and towing aspect of the course my confidence grew. John Hopkins puts a particular emphasis on safety on the water at all times. I learned the benefit of using the craft sensibly and also ensuring that I use the proper safety equipment.'

John Hopkins said, 'Every personal watercraft owner has an obligation to other water users. Safety must be of paramount consideration for themselves, their family and other vessels. That is why we always carry radios.’

He added, ’it is really good that someone from Icom has taken this course as it backs up this important safety message to the hobby.'

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom said ‘ When you get involved in a market you need to immerse yourselves fully to understand the needs of the customers. I think that if I was involved in a hobby and someone was trying to sell me something I would be suspicious - I think you need to put your money where your mouth is to prove yourself. PWC are becoming more sophisticated and the need to be safe with a reliable VHF is important. This training course has backed up this belief.Thanks John for an exciting but a very safe introduction to operating a personal watercraft.'

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